jZonic is a web application framework. It has envolved over several years now.
The framework consists of many parts:

  • workflow engine
  • user management
  • access controlling and integrated rights management
  • a configuration framework (jConfig)
  • a logging framework that is more powerfull than all the other
  • supports JSP, XML, XSL, velocity, freemarker and more….
  • user profiling
  • jcron (running jobs at a certain time)
  • a full featured cache with many specialized parts (LRU, TTL, FileContent….)

jZonic is also the home of several open source projects like:

  • jConfig (configuration management)
  • jLo (logging framework)
  • jCacheman (the cache from jZonic)
  • jcron (the Java implementation of a cron and at daemon)


This site is under development. Whenever we have some time we will add more 
and more documentation.
There is currently no release available although we keep the CVS on sourceforge